By G Ravindran

India is Re-Enterprise…

Kal Jugaad … Aaj Make in India… Kal Re-Enterprise

Our past. Much has been said about grass-root level innovations, and our penchant for ‘Jugaad’. There is a saucy romanticism associated with the word. A kind of ‘devil-may care’ ‘will get it done’ air about it. But somewhere it also seems to imply a ‘work around’… a ‘make-do’ with what is there… a ‘chalta-hai’ underpinning to it. A negativity that takes away from the sheer brilliance of using meagre resources at hand to turn out something truly spectacular. And we are proud of it.

Our today. Much is being said about this manufacturing juggernaut that will double employment potential, triple industrial output & quadruple exports in the next few years. And the imagery! A striding lion made of cogs symbolizing manufacturing strength. The MakeInIndia lion, a powerful symbol from India’s rich past – striding to become a global manufacturing hub & a glorious future.

Our future. One of belief, not just hope. Set in a different emerging context. Different from that of a developed country. With different moorings wrt culture and values. A changed understanding of resources and capabilities. And knowing that we will evolve with newer frameworks and models that leverage these differences. Where change is the opportunity. Re-Enterprise.

The word seems to speak for itself. Do things differently. Doing different things. Springing from awareness. Knowing that things have changed. That the countryside is different. That the people are not the same, with potential unbounded.

Re-Enterprise. Lots of energy in the word…and ‘busy’ness. Nothing fuddy-daddy about it. And purpose. Implying a definitive direction. And determination. An unspoken matter-of-fact statement to succeed. Our declaration on Independence Day. Unleash the Lion. Re-Enterprise.

About the author -:

G Ravindran is the Chair Professor of Leadership Development at the Tata Institute of Social Sciences and the Founder Director of Leadership-Next, GPHR. Also, he is the author of the book, Re-enterprise.